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Info about the pools

Indoor Jacuzzi

size: 0, 4m x 0,9m
temperature: 34 – 36 °C

Indoor warm water pool

size: cca. 5 m x 10 m
depth: 1,4m
temperature: 31 – 33 °C

Indoor pool for kids

size: cca. 3 m x 4 m
depth: 0,4 – 0,6 m
temperature: 32 – 34 °C

Outdoor, open-air pool

size: cca. 11 m x 13 m
depth: 0,9 – 1,6 m
temperature: depends on weather conditions

Outdoor pool for kids

size: cca. 9 m x 7 m (and 1,5 m)
depth: 0,4 – 0,6 m
temperature: depends on weather conditions

Massage Center

The excellent masseurs of our hotel help you to make the most of your wellness recreation.

Refreshing foot massage

15 min - 3 900 Ft

Manager massage

15 min - 3 900 Ft

Relaxing salt massage with aroma oils

30 min - 6 500 Ft

Refreshing massage

30 min - 6 500 Ft
45 min - 9 500 Ft
60 min - 11 500 Ft

Citronella anti-stress massage

30 min - 6 900 Ft
45 min - 9 900 Ft
60 min - 12 900 Ft

Lavender massage

30 min - 6 900 Ft
45 min - 9 900 Ft
60 min - 12 900 Ft

Oriental spice massage

30 min - 6 900 Ft
45 min - 9 900 Ft
60 min - 12 900 Ft

Orange - cinnamon massage

30 min - 6 900 Ft
45 min - 9 900 Ft
60 min - 12 900 Ft

Hot stone (tufa) massage

60 min - 13 500 Ft
80 min - 15 500 Ft


Finn sauna

Onto the Finnish sauna the high temperature and the low humidity the feature. The ideal sauna time 20-40 minutes, this is worthy of ten minutes once or twice to break.
Infra sauna
The most popular homemade sauna, in which the air is warmed up with infra beam help. The muscles loosen, the toxins depart, and the blissful endorphin hormones onto full speed they get it.


30-40 °C room temperature, in which we may sit around through hours without it would burden the circulation extremely.


The steam of the medicinal plants helps in the regeneration on 45°C of temperature, from the rigid muscles the solution of the tenseness, and the leather and the purification of respiratory tracts

Salt Cabin

The volatile salt has outside and inside effects too: it softens the skin and reduces inflammation when inhaling. It is also recommended in case of chronic respiratory illnesses and asthma.


The Frigidarium called cold bath the Roman ones took advantage of it after the boiling rooms usually. Its capital function, that onto his cold effect the sweating ceases, the pores lock. From the cold water our heartbeat will be more polific, we are marvellously refreshed in brief.

Kneipp treader

Kneipp treader pool the cold (16°C) and the warmth (38°C) a wet-bill bath is training it for his effect, it makes the wall of veins elastic one, enlivens it very strongly and pump-like one the sole is effective and onto the circulation of all of the shank. Truth raised a slow walk to tall one in the water walking with foot, we begin it with the heat always (50 s), we continue it with the cold next (10 s), we repeat it 10-15, we finish it with the cold.

Aroma shower

The expanded the volatile oils are easily absorbed through pores. The organism loosens calms down.

Mediterran rest

The old one, Roman baths the washing and beside recovery the meditations, they were the scenes of philosophical thoughts, it was served equally the body, the spirit and the refreshment of the soul. In our Mediterranean rest for the bodily fit, for the recreation and we provide a perfect harmony equally for the intellectual activity.


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